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Detroit Muscle Technologies, we ARE the manufacturer!
We make Mopar (and AMC) body restoration gaskets using the most correct materials, most accurate shape using modern CAD, laser, waterjet and cutting technologies. We manufacture every gasket to fit the way we would expect for our own cars. Each has been reverse engineered using the original gasket as a reference and test fit on the actual part that the gasket is for. Our line of products includes.........  

MEGA restoration gasket sets - exterior/paint, firewall, heater box, splash shields, weatherstripping, firewall &  kickpanel insulation, under dash shoddy pad, mega body plug and bumper kit
Paint / Body gasket sets - all exterior gaskets
Firewall gasket sets - all interior gaskets, A/C and NON A/C
Misc / Individual Gaskets - Lock, Antenna, Door Handle, Steering Column, Axle, etc.

Heater box restoration gasket kits - A/C and NON A/C
Woodgrain & carbon fiber overlays - console and dash vinyl overlays
Beltline weatherstrips ("cat whiskers")
Metro and SoffSeal door, roofrail and convertible weatherstrip seals

Note: Till we fully populate our store, all our products can be found on our DMT Ebay Store

2016 Catalogs Online Now!


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Monster Musclecar Weekend 
Gateway Motorsports Park   Madison, IL October 1-2, 2016
700 Raceway Boulevard, Madison, IL  62060

New Products for 2016                                                                                                                                                       


New June 2016

COMPLETE 9pc 70 Superbird Nose Splash Shield / Seal Set
Perfect shape and material duplicated for multiple sets of NOS references.

Working on 69 Daytona set......

New June 2016

70-71 E Body Shaker Hood Trim Ring Gaskets
Laser cut .032" ABS black plastic as OEM.
Fit is spectacular of course.

exx7074hp01-150.jpgHood Insulation Pads 
A Body 67-74
B Body 71-74 Satellite/Plymouth
B Body 66-67, 68-69 and 70
E Body 70-74 & 71-74 Charger (shown at left)
Will be doing them for all models.
1/2" thick premium matte faced black insulation
Available with OEM style plastic clips like used on all 72 and up cars OR
our own, new OEM style metal clips made from stainless and plated black!

bxx6870fi01150.jpgFirewall & KickPanel Insulation Sets! 
A Body 63-64, 65-66, 67-72 AC & Non AC, 73-74 AC & Non AC (75-76 rubber soon) 
B Body 62-65 Plymouth, 62-65 Dodge, 66-67 Non AC, 68-70 Non AC, 66-70 AC
B Body 71-74 Non AC & AC
C Body 65-68 Non AC (need an AC sample) and 69-71 AC (need non AC sample)
E Body 70-74 AC & Non AC
Correct shape and fit. MANY more versions than previously available. 
PREMIUM version with layers of saturated felt paper and long fiber yellow insulation. 

bch6870sa01-150.jpgSail Panel Boards
A 67-72
B 68-70 Charger
E 70-71 Challenger (next)
Will be doing them for all models. If you don't see the one you need contact us.
Very  accurate shape, creases and clips.
Black is great under black headliners.
Also available in Tan, the OEM color, better under lighter color headliners. 




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